Go Truck Hub is a Transportation Management System built for Carriers by Carriers. Manage your entire back office no matter the size and mode of Transport. We operate Container Drayage, Full Truck Load and Last Mile



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Go Truck Hub

The CRM is your hub for keeping track of all prospective contacts.

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  1. Overview: With this feature, we give you the ability to check up on all your emails (received and sent) and appointments for a specific date or range.
  2. Contacts: Gives you a list view of all your company contacts that have been added into the system. The user can also filter by multiple categories, and send emails and create new contacts in real time.
  3. Companies: This tab shows you all the companies that are in the system, while also allowing you to add new companies in real time.
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Deal Pipeline

The deal pipeline acts as a management system to keep track of all deals pertaining to each company. Deals can be matched to the 5 different stages of progress:

    1. Prospecting
    2. Qualification
    3. Discussion
    4. Proposal
    5. Review

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