Go Truck Hub is a Transportation Management System built for Carriers by Carriers. Manage your entire back office no matter the size and mode of Transport. We operate Container Drayage, Full Truck Load and Last Mile



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Recieve Orders

Active Shipment Dashboard, Incoming Shipments, View Order Details

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Driver Pay Outs

The history of the driver allows the user to view all details associated with the shipment.

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Keep Truck API

Drivers are not allowed to end the job before inputting the required information.

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Payment Rails API

Once a driver clicks START, the dispatcher and the shipping customer will be notified.

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user details

Upload Proof of Delivery

View and edit the shipment details before drivers can accept.

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Load History and 1099

Once the driver arrives, they can see the view and edit shipment details screen.

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Introducing Go Truck Hub

The Last TMS You'll Ever Need

Go Truck Hub is best back office operating system to run your trucking business, and scale it. No matter the size, or mode of domestic transport; Go Truck Hub has you covered with a scalable operating system for Full Truck Load, Last Mile and Container Drayage. SIGN UP FOR FREE.

Our proprietary TMS gives us visibility into carrier capacity by providing real-time locations of all trucks in our marketplace by allocating a score based on reliability, safety, and customer service. This gives all shippers the ability to pick and procure reliable carrier options for their contract, and spot market needs. Our Loadboard’s are dynamically shifting capacity and rates to where the demand is. 

Innovation, Discovery and Breakthrough are the key factors we promote to our developers. We understand users have options, so we are focused on developing a technology that is hard to be without. We will provide you step by step walkthroughs on how you can utilize the platform to build your best shipping network.

Our technology monitors all of our carriers in real-time to make sure you are aware where your valuable cargo is at all times. We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure, and solve various infrastructure-specific issues your business may face.

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