Go Truck Hub is a Transportation Management System built for Carriers by Carriers. Manage your entire back office no matter the size and mode of Transport. We operate Container Drayage, Full Truck Load and Last Mile



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Go Truck Hub

Shipment Tracker

Seamlessly Track your Cargo

Shipment Process

You’ll be notified throughout the shipping process.


The Shipper places a request for a New Shipment which is then viewable by all carriers on their available shipments.


When a carrier has reached a decision on a shipment, they can accept the load right on the Go Truck Hub software.

On It's Way

Go Truck Hub helps avoid all the friction of booking shipments in the past, so your load is on its way to its destination quicker.

Take Control of Your Shipments

Admin Functionality

Keeping track of administrators shouldn’t be the main focus of your operations. With Go Truck Hub, users don’t have to worry. Easily view and manage all active, inactive administrators, and even activate new admins!


With Go Truck Hub, all companies are arranged in order by name. This makes it easy to find and update information about each client. Each company is classified by either a freight broker, forwarder, or shipper.

My Load Actions

Within each load, users have the ability to take action. Access important job information, update invoice status, send important documents, or convey that a shipment needs attention, and why.

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