Go Truck Hub is a Transportation Management System built for Carriers by Carriers. Manage your entire back office no matter the size and mode of Transport. We operate Container Drayage, Full Truck Load and Last Mile



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Automatic Emails

Get notified and stay updated to the most important parts of the shipping process.

Real Time Email Updates

We would love to eliminate emails, but we understand most clients want to see updates via email. With Go Truck Hub, you can:

  • Add endless email contacts per order.
  • Give each user real time access to status of shipment.
  • Gain free access to the Go Truck Hub Shipper Platform.  
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Get Updates via Email

Go Truck Hub allows customers to get real-time updates via email notificationsThese email notifications will provide:

  • Status updates, and open links where customers can see a map with real-time tracking.
  • The ability to avoid the risk of human error from manual data entry during the day.

Status Updates

You’ll be notified throughout the shipping process.

Geo Fencing

Geo fencing at all the major geo points based on leg 1 and leg 2 addresses.

Distance Notifications

Receive automated messages when the driver is 3 miles out, 1 mile out and upon arrival.

Driver Responsibilities

Exceptions, Loading time in and out, getting customer signatures, with date and time stamps.

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